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Best Website Designer in West Palm BeachAction Website and SEO was born from decades of experience in the field of photography and graphics, and more than ten full years of Internet and website building hands-on experience.

Action Website and SEO came about to service the needs of the new class of savvy website buyers and users. At one time it was good enough just to have a website. But once everyone had a website, one had to have a better website in order to compete. Not only a better website, but better search engine optimization. Without these two things, a website would be buried with millions of other websites that had been deemed irrelevant by the search engines. So Action Website and SEO in West Palm Beach was created, to provide its clients with superior websites and search engine optimization. We aim to be the best website company in Palm Beach County.

I'm Randy Levine. I'm the CEO and originator of Action Website and SEO. If you choose Action Website and SEO as your website company, I will personally make sure that your website is built correctly from the ground up. We'll give you a state-of-the-art website that has what it takes to compete in this very competitive world, at a very reasonable price.

Here's a short history of Action Website and SEO: For me, it all began with photography. First there was film photography, then digital photography. I even managed two photo labs, and owned a photo studio. While that was happening, computers and the Internet were getting better and better. If you were a professional photographer, as I was and still am, and you wanted to keep up with the changes, you  learned Photoshop. With the knowledge of Photoshop and digital photo editing came a great basis for learning Dreamweaver and other website authoring software. The progression from photography to websites was just so natural. My education came from years of hands on experience, many courses, dozens of books, hundreds of magazines, and pure passion. We also like to employ the expertise of more formally educated people when the need arises.

After being involved in photography for about three decades learning, doing, and managing, I spent three years traveling and photographing South East Asia. If South East Asian images ever come into vogue I'll be sitting on a gold mine. But that's another story.

Action Website and SEO DragonOnce back in the States, I opened Art Tech Studio. Art Tech Studio was a Palm Beach County icon for graphics, photography, printing, and web design. After seven years of growing Art Tech Studio into the icon it had become, I saw first-hand that the Internet was the way things were heading, and would continue to head for the foreseeable future. In 2009, going green and saving money was the mantra of the day; and the Internet served those purposes very well. I decided to open a new company based on providing excellent websites and search engine optimization.

So here we are, well on our way to becoming the best website designer in West Palm Beach. Welcome to Action Website and SEO. If I can answer any questions or be of assistance in any way, I'd be happy to help.

Randy Levine

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