Why Use SEO Professionals

SEO is easy. Just name your page right, have your keywords in your title tag, and mention it a few times on your page. Why pay a professional to do that?

Well... I'm an SEO professional, and I say it's not quite that simple. For some reason, it took years for those simple concepts to click and make total sense, even to me. It took doing those things, and more on a daily bases, on multiple websites, over and over, and seeing what happened on the search engines after I took action to really understand what was going on. It took seminars, and hands-on experience, and failing, and succeeding to really get it. It's like any other business at a professional level. Would you do surgery on your wife or husband if you did not have the experience. NO way! There's a reason for that. A trained experienced professional has the experience necessary to get it done right the first time without waste or loss of time and therefore money.

When I need my car fixed I go to a mechanic. When I need my computers networked I hire a professional. I find good, experienced people to do the work. It saves me time and money, and it gets the job done right the first time. A trained experienced SEO professional is worth his weight in gold. He can lift your site and your business from page 33 on Google, to page one in a short period of time (for most business). Figure out what that's worth in dollars, and you may be surprised.

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