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What is website hosting? Is it important? Why do I need it?

Let's start in the beginning. If a website is created, it generally exists on the computer on which it was created, and nowhere else. What good is a great website if nobody can see it except for its creator? It needs to be published to the Internet so that people can see it. It needs to reside on a server that is connected to the Internet. A home computer can act as a server, but it is far from being the optimal situation.

Optimally your site should sit on a server that is fast, reliable, backed up, redundant, supported, and kept up to date as far as its software and security goes.

What are the benefits of all these things? The biggest benefit is safety. You wouldn't want something to happen to your website, would you?

There's something else that's very important about excellent hosting: The search engines, like Google and Yahoo, love fast servers, and will move you closer to page one of the search engine results if your site is on one. On the other side of that, they will penalize you in your search engine rankings and results if your server is slow or has frequent downtime. And so will your visitors. If a site takes too long to load, or doesn't load at all, people will simply CLICK, and go to the competition.

At Action Website and SEO, we use only the fastest and best servers available for our websites. Give us a call at 561-358-2259 to see how we can create an action getting website for you.

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