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You've done the research and you know you need SEO. But it takes years of study, trial, and error to figure it all out. There are tons of spam offers and phone calls coming in every day from people claiming to be able to get you to the top. What is the solution for you and your website? We call it Instant SEO.

It's simple. Just fill out the form below and pay for the service you want. We'll take care of the rest by doing the best, state-of-the-art, white-hat, totally legal and ethical SEO that will get your site to the top. Google loves great content. By carefully creating and disseminating great content for and about your site, Google will recognize your site as being an authority in your field. You'll be amazed at how quickly you begin the see upward motion for your chosen keywords.  

Step One - Instant SEO - Action Website and SEO

Tell us your website URL. We will look over your site and determine the best way to get you ethically to the top of Google. If we determine that the SEO on your site needs work, we'll let you know. Often we don't even have to touch or site, but we may ask for a few simple changes to be made.

Instant SEO - Tell Us Your Keywords

Tell us your most important 3-5 keywords for which you want to rank high on Google. As an example: If you're a locksmith in Miami, the word "locksmith" would be a great keyword. We'll look over your keywords and make any necessary adjustments.

Instant SEO Location -

Tell us where you want to draw your business from. If you're in or near a big city you will want to use the city name. If you draw clients from an entire state, and you don't have a lot of competition in your area, you will want to use the state name. If you are doing SEO for a national campaign you'll want to let us know.

Instant SEO Rankings -

Sit back and watch your rankings on Google go up. It can take a month before you see the first movement up. The move up can be small or big depending on a lot of factors. But you should see significant movement in a relatively short period of time. After the initial move you should see movement up every 2-4 weeks.

Instant SEO Comparrison

No Hype... Just Results!

Give us your info and watch your site rise in Google and other search engines like Yahoo! and Bing. We give the search engines what they want to see so that they know your site should rank high. All our work is white-hat and done on a schedule that works. Instant SEO will not only raise your site on the search engines, but it will drive traffic to your site from multiple sources.

FREE Bonus Video

Order today and we will create a custom video for your company that will rank well on Google and drive even more traffic to your site. This valuable limited time offer is only for our next 5 SEO clients. So don't wait... Get started now!

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that your site will rank higher in the Google organic listings or you can discontinue the program at any time. Our goal is to get you to the top of the first page of Goolge. If we feel we cannot improve your rankings we will refund your money before we even begin.

Get Started Today

It's easy to get started. Just fill out the form below and hit submit. We'll take care of the rest. If we have questions we'll contact you, and you can contact us as well.



SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

The goal is to get your site to the top of the first page of Google for as many of your keywords/phrases as possible. There are 2 parts to this. On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO. For the most-part your On-Site SEO was done and is being done as your site is created. If it hasn't been done, contact us for a free quote. Off-Site SEO is the act of Link Building, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, Article Submission, Blog Commenting, etc., as necessary to raise your site in authority and search engine rankings.

In reality you can spend as much or a little as you want on SEO. The more you spend, the more time will be spent on your project, and the faster you will reach the top. But spend too little and you won't see much in the way of results. Spend too much and you'll be throwing away money; as once you've reached the top, you really can't go any higher.

The benefits of SEO is that most people will click in the free "organic" results first when they are looking for something, and that if you are on ranking high on Google it doesn't cost any more for 5000 clicks than it does for 50 clicks.

Action Website and SEO now offer a simple no hassle way to the top of Google. Simply tell us your site, and your 3-5 most important keywords (we can help with that), and we'll do the rest. Click the image below for more info.

Instant SEO

PPC (Pay Per Click):

Pay per click is a great way to get on the first page fast. The biggest drawback is, as soon as you stop paying for clicks, your ads no longer show. So SEO is a better long term strategy.

For a national campaign in a moderately competitive industry, I'd recommend the following for a Google PPC campaign:

Budget: $800 monthly
Moderate: $1200 monthly
Aggressive: $1800 monthly

Note that many big companies are speding tens of thousands on PPC; and profiting from it. So the sky is the limit on PPC - if it's converting for you.

Ideally you will want to run both the SEO and PPC campaigns at the same time. That way you will get the immediate results of PPC, and the long term benefits of SEO. So you'd be looking at between $2000 - $3800 per month.

Client Worksheets

Here are a few worksheets that we use to help gather information that we us during the creation and development process.

  • Website Creation Form
  • Logo Creation Form

How Does SEO Work? - Do I Need SEO?

SEO is the art and science of getting a website to the top of the search engines by making the website more relevant. Why is it important to be on the top of the search engines? Take a look at the following statistics:

  • The top spot in Google for any given search term gets 42% of the clicks
  • The second spot gets 22% of the clicks
  • The third spot gets about 10%
  • The percentage drops as you go further down the page
  • Only about 20% of people look at the second page of the search results
  • Almost nobody goes to the third page

With that said, if a term is searched 100 times per day, the site in the first slot will get about 42 clicks. The site on the very bottom may get 2 clicks. Which business will have more visitors and therefore more potential profit? You've got it. The site closest to the top of the first page of the search results.

So is SEO worth the effort? That depends. Let's look  at this hypothetical example:

Tim is a locksmith in Boynton Beach Florida. He has a nice looking website that is search engine optimized, and is in position number 2 on the first place of Google for the search term Boynton Beach Locksmith. The term is searched 880 times per month (that is currently an accurate estimate). The second position should receive about 200 clicks (visitors) each month. If one out of 10 visitors decides to use his services, Tim will get 20 jobs per month. His average job is $100.  So Tim stands to do about $2000 per month in extra business from this keyword. If he was in the number one position, he would do twice that amount of business. If he was on the bottom of the first page for the same term he may only get one click per month, and do only $100 in business. But all would not lost. Tim also ranks well for the term Locksmith Boynton Beach, Key Cutting Boynton Beach, Change Locks Boynton Beach, Certified Locksmith Boynton Beach, etc. And even though he is not in the top position for any of his terms, he is making a nice living and his website has become his favorite marketing tool.

Imagine that Tim is able to get his site to the top of Google for 5 great keywords.  And, he has a respectable site that adds to his credibility and convinces people to do business with him. It could mean the difference between having a full-time thriving business, and looking for a job working for his competitor. Right? Absolutely!

Now imagine Tim gets really aggressive, and has an SEO firm work to get him on the fist page of the search engines in more than one position for each keyword, and also in the sponsored links area of Google. He could find himself as the top locksmith in his area. That boat he was thinking of getting could finally become a reality.

Is the Internet really that powerful? You bet it is.

Does this strategy work for every business? Probably not. If you sell ice cream from a truck it could be a waste of time. But for most business, a proper website and good SEO can make or break a business in today's world. Do the math and see if it makes sense for your business. If it does, then find a capable web designer with lots of SEO experience and get to work on building your future. Or stand by and wonder why your competition has all the business.

SEO Packages to Suite YOUR Needs

For people who want to see their site or sites rise in the search engine rankings without having to spend all the necessary time, Action Website and SEO offers several packages that cover all aspects of SEO.

Search Engine Ranking Report: Normally $199 On Sale for $99

Everything you want to know about your site as it relates to Google and your competition. This report is approximately 65 pages of information outlining details about your site and how it compares to the top ten sites that you compete with. It's the perfect starting point for the do-it-yourself-er, or for a comprehensive SEO program.

Keyword Research $99

What are the best words for you to use in your website copy? It depends on your goals, your competition, and a host of other criteria. You supply us with one to three words that sum up your business, and we'll give you the top 10 ranking keywords you should be using in your site. This research is required before content writing takes place.

Social Bookmarking:  $199

1. Social Bookmarking Submission
  • We submit bookmarks to almost 50 of the top Social Bookmarking sites
  • We build over 200 bookmarks with this package
  • We use different IP's and social bookmarking accounts for every single submission, for natural bookmarking

We automatically rotate titles and descriptions for every single post

2. Submitting to the RSS Directories

We submit your Blog Feed or RSS Feed to all the major RSS feed directories.

  • We increase the visibility of your Blog or RSS feed
  • Your RSS feed also becomes easy to find in search engines

3. Search Engine Submission

We submit your site to over 130 different search engines getting you indexed even faster by Google.

4. Directory Submission

We submit your site to the top directories

  • We submit sites to 1,000+ directories, building backlinks while doing so
  • Most companies charge $120 per 1,000 directory submissions

Social Media Marketing $299

You know you want to get started with Twitter but you don't want to go through the learning curve, the set-up, and the start-up. This package includes creating your Twitter account, a great custom made Twitter background based on your website graphics or graphics you supply us with, and 500 interested followers.  All you have to do is sign in and start Tweeting. Already have a Twitter account? Let us custom make a background for you for only $99.

On-line Articles and Web Pages $299

Most SEO experts will agree that this is one of the best ways to boost your rankings on the search engines. We research your niche, write, and create the following:

  • One E-Zine article
  • One Squidoo Lens (a one page website)
  • One Hub Page (a one page website)

Each E-Zine article Squidoo Lens or Hub page will have 1-4 links pointing back to your site or sites.

Blogs $299

Do you need a blog for your existing site? You may want to create a separate blog page that ranks well on its own, and then link to your existing site for the added link juice.

Squeeze page or lead capture page $399

This is an optimized one page website that stands alone and either refers potential customers to your existing site, or has them send you their contact information.

Website Content Writing $49 per page (minimum 5 pages)

Does your existing site need content that will rank well in the search engines and entice people to buy or use your services? If so, this service is for you. Keyword research is required for this service. Back-end updating is recommend.

Website Back-End Content Updating $49 per page (minimum 5 pages)

Updating the back-end to reflect content on the front end and keyword research is the best way to maximize your return on investment. Keyword research is required for this service.

Google Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Once all your on-site SEO is done you may want to bring traffic to your site immediately. There is no better way to do that than with a Pay Per Click campaign. An optimized site has lower Pay Per Click costs than a site that is not optimized. Call to discuss your needs and prices for a customized Pay Per Click campaign.

Website Content Update $99

Let Google re-index your site by having us add some fresh content to each page (up to 10 pages). Doing this weekly could keep your site on the first page. Minimum package is every 2 weeks for 6 weeks.

Link Building $199

Gaining incoming links (from other sites to yours) is the best way to improve your website rankings. We will research your niche to find similar sites and blogs and get them to link back to your site. We guarantee twenty incoming links for $199.

Link Building Campaign $399

If you really want to rank well on the search engines, and get ahead of your competition, you're going to want lot of links to your site spread out over time. With this package we'll get you 2oo incoming links spread out over the course of one month. These are relevant, natural looking, white hat links.

Google Pay Per Click $199

Guaranteed first page of Google. This program allows you to bring as many targeted visitors to your site as you'd like. Research and set-up is $199. Monthly campaigns start at $399 for anywhere from 50-250 targeted clicks from people who are looking for what you sell.

Google Pay Per Click  (self managed) $399

Guaranteed first page of Google. This program allows you to bring as many targeted visitors to your site as you'd like. Research and set-up is $399. After your program is set up, you'll be able to manage your account yourself.


Social Media Marketing

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